Welcome to NABIC

We are NABIC, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), non-partisan organization that primarily aims improving the overall conditions of the people of Bangladesh and North America through a unique, holistic approach.

Since our establishment in 1990, we have strived to work based on the proverb “think globally; act locally” in hopes of changing the living conditions of the underprivileged around the world by doing the most we can here at home.

Over the years, NABIC has expanded to serve more communities, becoming a premier organization committed to uplifting the circumstances of those in need, while prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable of those societies, irrespective of race or religion. Through ongoing projects in nearly every field, ranging from healthcare to education to poverty alleviation and emergency relief/rehabilitation, NABIC strives to cover every base of improvement, highlighting the holistic approach we have adopted.

NABIC is managed by a dynamic board of directors of diverse professional backgrounds, who represent multiple states across America. We look forward to working with the concerned citizens of our society to improve the lives of those around the world.

North American Bangladeshi Islamic CommunityWelcome to NABIC, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), not political organization established in 1990 which focuses to improve the condition of the people of Bangladesh and North America in a holistic manner based on the proverb “think globally; act locally”.

Over the years NABIC has expanded in to a premier organization committed to uplift the overall condition of the society with special emphasis to the needs of vulnerable members of our community, children, youth, and women.

Served by a robust, dynamic board of directors from diverse professional background and eight different states of USA, NABIC strives to provide state of art services in a multitude of areas like Healthcare, Poverty Alleviation & Community Development, Science & Technology Education, Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation.

NABIC looks forward to work with concerned citizens of our country to take care of other essential unmet needs of the society.

Featured Projects

  • Scholarship Program in USA

    Since 2012 NABIC offered $ 120,000/- scholarships to talented students in NY, Memphis and Missouri.

  • Meal Packaging Program with “Rise against Hunger”

    Since 2014, NABIC partnered with Rise against Hunger (www.riseagainsthunger.org), an international relief agency to send...

  • Idris-Chemon Charitable Clinic

    NABIC started funding this free clinic in 2017 in Chapur, Brammanbaria. In addition, NABIC is...

  • Mustafiz Glaucoma Research & Eye Hospital

    NABIC funded $ 250 K to construct this state of art facility, Mustafiz Glaucoma Research...

  • Anti-Dowry Project

    This is a women empowerment projects that NABIC has been supporting since 2009. Called “Joutuk”...

  • Protecting the vulnerable children & family of Gabura, Satkhira

    This project is located in a remote area  called Dumuria near Shundarban. This area was...

  • Sports Facilities for Rural Girls School Karmirhath

    Since 2010 NABIC provided $ 27 K for  sports equipment in rural girls’ schools. NABIC...

  • Emergency Relief

    Since 1997 NABIC  has provided $ 150,000/-  as emergency relief to victims of natural disasters in Bangladesh. Such...

  • Convention 2020

  • Solar Powered Water Purification Plants

    The Pankhali Government Primary School is located at Dacope Upazila under Khulna District which is...



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  • Your Zakat & Sadaqa can make a difference

  • NABIC 29th Annual Convention – Saturday, April 13, 2019

    Today’s America: Role of Youth Hyatt Regency North Dallas, TX North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community...


Relief & Rehablitation
Alleviation of Poverty
Community Development

Relief & Rehablitation
Alleviation of Poverty
Community Development