Idris-Chemon Charitable Clinic

NABIC started funding this free clinic in 2017 in Chapur, Brammanbaria.
In addition, NABIC is also providing funds for health education, Midwife training to the local community in this clinic through its partner NGO.
Eye camps are also arranged in this clinic periodically to help the disadvantaged community members living in this area.

  • Provides care to Adult, Children including Ob-Gyn
  • Eye camp, Midwifery training
  • Serves 65 to 70 patients per day 2 days/ week
  • Cost per patient visit $3 to $5
  • Provided fund for the vocational training (Tailoring & Computer)
  • Vocational training (1 to 3 months) cost -$130/ person with earning potential of $165/ month