NABIC Past President Mahbubur Rahman Visited Projects in Bangladesh

NABIC President Mahbubur Rahman recently visited NABIC-sponsored projects in Bangladesh.

At the Safe Home for Girls in Gazipur, he ate lunch with kids and learned that they attend religion classes on Fridays, where they follow a superb textbook written by Dr. Noori that is also used here in the U.S. The Safe Home is getting additional construction done, and it sits next to a clinic that sees some 70 patients each day, alhamdulillah.

Rahman also visited two health facilities. The Madhabpur General Hospital is now headed by a full-time doctor who lives in a nearby village. The staff is hopeful that patient numbers will increase now that he is running the team. In Brahmanbaria, Rahman found a very unique space at the Idris-Chemon Chapur Clinic, where there is a clinic, women’s training program, and a computer literacy program, all under one roof. He was able to hand out certificates and sewing machines to 20 graduates of the training program — the women were happy, and some very emotional.

Finally, Rahman also had the opportunity to visit NABIC’s projects in the Rohingya camp in Ukhia. He inspected the tube wells built by NABIC and its partners, as well as the medical clinic, which he called “simply beautiful.” It remained busy throughout his visit with many patients and busy doctors.

He got to check out NABIC’s five learning centers, which have a total of 750 students and 10 teachers. The students wear NABIC backpacks and uniforms, unlike any of the other school programs in the camp. And they receive snacks at the end of their lessons so they can return home happy. The kids are smart, subhanallah — Rahman quizzed them on math problems, and they got their answers right! The children performed a choral song for him in the Rakhine language — a beautiful sight to behold.