Rohingya Relief Project

Rohingya Relief

NABIC was one of the first responders to stand with Rohingya brothers and sisters.

Basic Needs-

NABIC supported 1,500 families in Camp-2, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar with various food packages and clothing for both the men and women. In Camp-16, Shafiullahkata, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar,  3,700 families were provided with clothing, floor mats, mosquito nets, and lanterns.



Treatment services started with 10 satellite clinics, healthcare and free medications are given to 40,000 patients. NABIC also distributed equipment for 750 disabled people (wheelchairs-109 people, crutches-80 people, hearing aids-53 people, sunglasses-28 people, walking sticks-244 people, walker-28 people, and eyeglasses-208 people). Currently, we are running a comprehensive clinic focusing on women & children. Each day average 140 patients are visiting the clinic.


Clean Water

The 20 deep tube wells serve around 2,000 people. The 90 latrines serve 1500 people and the 100 bathhouses serve 2,000 people. For disaster management, 24 fire extinguishers were provided.



Provide Education & Food to 750 Children in 5 Centers. For each of the 750 students, English textbook, Rohingya textbook, Mathematics textbook, 3 pens, 3 notebooks, 1 pencil, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 backpack, and school uniform (dress, shoes, socks) are provided. For the classrooms, where a total of 10 teachers teach, floor mats, blackboards, water pitchers, and water glasses are provided. During the school days, Sunday- Thursday, students are given various snacks.


Current Rohingya Programs:

  • Education: Provide Education & Food to 750 Children in 5 Centers-
    • Cost $2,500 /Center( 150 Children)/Month 
  • Healthcare: Establishing a Free Medical Clinic focusing on Women, Children
    • Cost $12000/Month—— $4/patient with free medicine 
  • Deep Tube Wells-
    • Cost $2K/ Deep Tube well