Mohiuddin Nur Rashida Mobile Clinic

NABIC has been supporting community development work in Gabura at Shyamnagar, Satkhira for the past 9 years in response to the cyclone Sidr & Ayla. This ongoing project consist of Child adoption, Livelihood training, pond preservation for drinking water. Gabura is consists of 8 villages all surrounded by river, so the communication is very bad, especially these 40 thousand villagers has no place to go for healthcare support. The pregnant mother needs to cross the river & travel 20 miles for emergency treatment. NABIC took the initiative to start a Mobile clinic which will able to serve the whole community. For the mobile healthcare service a trawler  is used as a water ambulance to reach to the villagers.

This “Mohiuddin Nur Rashida Mobile clinic” will be consisting of a stationary clinic & trawler for mobile clinic. There will a qualified healthcare provider available all the time at the clinic. In addition to bringing in a general practitioner and taking this service to the steps of the rural poor, we would try to bring in gynecologists in the team. Antenatal and Postnatal care (ANC and PNC) services will be provided through our mobile health care unit once in a month, to identify high risk pregnant females and lactating mothers and children suffering from malnutrition. With the trawler we would able to provide healthcare in the remotest area, scheduling clinic once a week in different remote villages.

Through this project we will train 20 (10 male and 10 female) educated youth as ‘Shasthyo Shebok’ to assist in providing primary health care service and disseminating information to the people of their community. Also, in every village we will train a group of young people to provide assistance (as community or gram ‘shebok’) to the people and the clinic to maintain record, communication with the clinic, organize the patients and identify those who need urgent help, etc.

Due to the COVID pandemic it hasn’t start yet, but this project will be in action soon inshaAllah.