NABIC Center for Humanity

NABIC Center for Humanity (NCH) is a project of NABIC designed to uplift the condition of our communities community in USA and Bangladesh in a holistic manner by providing services in 5 areas embodied in acronym REACH (where R stands for Relief and Rehabilitation, E for Education, A for Alleviation of Poverty, C for Community Building, H for Health care).

NABIC would like to encourage and help its patrons to start a project in an area where there is a need and there is interest and support from locals in Bangladesh and the USA.

The project can be started in an existing orphanage or charitable clinic or starting one and gradually incorporate programs like computer literacy (education), Income generating activity-IGA training (Alleviation of poverty), emergency relief during winter or calamity.

NABIC will help start such a project with 50% of matching funds up to $5K for the first 2-3 years.

A brief outline of NCH project

The type of programs will depend on local needs, available expertise and interest of the sponsor and community

Follows REACH –A Comprehensive (5 in 1) Turn-Key Program provides

R:     Relief & Rehabilitation. Zakat, Food, Clothes

E:     Education. Computer training, Scholarships, Health

A:     Alleviation of poverty. Financial aid, Vocational training (Tailoring, Mobile phone repair, Livestock & Agriculture IGA)

C      Community building (Possible Anchor Program in the USA

H      Health care (The Anchor program in Bangladesh & USA)

Bangladesh Model

Idris Chemon Clinic, Chapur, Brahmanbaria

  • 500 sft to start with
  • Provides care to Adult, Children including Ob-Gyn
  • Eye camp, Midwifery training
  • Serves 65 to 70 patients per day 2 days/ week
  • Operation cost $15 K per year for 2 days a week clinic
  • Construction cost $18/ sft (approx. $ 10K if no existing structure over 2 years)
  • Cost per patient visit $3 to $5
  • Vocational training (1 to 3 months) cost -$130/ person with earning potential of $165/ month

Dusto Meyeder Nirapod Ashram o Punarbashion Kendra (DMNAPK)/Safe home for the Girl

Currently, this project is providing services outlined below with help from NABIC & DMNAPK:

  • A resident of 52 girls aged between 5-18 years, already committed to expanding the building to accommodate another 100 girls.
  • NABIC provides $50/month to sponsor a girl.
  • NABIC has established a computer literacy center in 2018.
  • 2 days/week family health clinic where free medical care is provided to approx. 60 patients (Children and adults) per day
  • Cost per visit ~ $3.
  • The plan is being made to organize Periodic Eye camp at the center
  • In the future, there are plans to add more vocational training programs according to the need of the community.

US Model

Hagerstown Community for Humanity, Hagerstown, MD

  • Food, clothes, Personal care, Female Hygiene products for Homeless community members
  • Presentations in the library, a community forum on health topics
  • Financial help for those in need
  • Work with people of different faiths, ethnicity
  • Free medical care when needed
  • The estimated budget for 2019 – $20 K.
  • Overhead in 2018 was <1%
  • Space provided by Church, hospital- no rent, utility cost
  • Women can take the lead
  • Students get community service hours
  • Great for resume of student

How To Start The Project

  • Visit websites – &
  • Contact Executive Director Br. Fazle E. Chowdhury Call: 901-233-0645 | Email:
  • Review written report after site visit and need assessment free of cost by partner NGO in Bangladesh with
  • NABIC with connecting you with reputable buildering Bangladesh if no physical structural is in existence to start the program
  • NABIC will provide matching Fund up to $ 5K per year to first 5 projects for 2 to 3 years
  • Guidance about lease and other documents will be provided free of cost
  • Will arrange for a trusted NGO with expertise will manage the project at a very low cost
  • May donate money through NABIC to get the Tax break
  • Medical clinic cost – $15 K for 2 days/ week
  • Construction cost $18/ sft (approx. $ 10K if no existing structure over 2 years)