Computer Literacy Center & Smart Classroom

Currently NABIC is supporting 15 Computer Literacy Centers in 15 different educational institutions across Bangladesh. From May 2019 to April 2020, 622 students have completed their CLC graduation from the 15 supported CLCs. Additionally, all of these schools hold their regular (Government curriculum) computer classes in the NABIC established Computer Literacy Lab. Thus many more students are benefitted from the NABIC established computer literacy labs.

Since 2009, NABIC has donated 11 SCRs nationwide. Dnet visited all the SCRs during the reporting year, and found them in praiseworthy use. Schools conduct digitally assisted classes using the SCRs. Every school has been provided with a CD containing lesson plans and the teaching material of nine different textbooks covering four main subjects. These contents are used frequently in classrooms and the teachers find it very useful. They also compile audio‐visual and PowerPoint presentations from internet and create their own contents when needed. The table below shows the number of beneficiaries reached this year using the 11 SCRs. This year, 7,943 students have had the opportunity to receive instructions in the SCRs, where about 39.93 percent were girls

So far $126K was provided to support this program.

Sports Facilities for Rural Girls School Karmirhath

Since 2010 NABIC provided $ 27 K for  sports equipment in rural girls’ schools. NABIC has been supporting this project through its  local partner, Karmirhath. This helped students, making these schools more attractive to the children.

Center for Ethics Education

NABIC in collaboration with Dhaka Ahsania Mission established “Center for Ethics Education” at the campus of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) to systematically study issues related to ethics and its application in Bangladesh. The aim is to develop curriculum, courses, training programs, workshop, seminars and other public awareness campaigns to uplift the ethical condition of Bangladesh.  

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Travel Grant through Bangladesh Academy of Science

Since 2008 NABIC has been providing funding to Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) to cover the travel expenses for young scientists attending the conference of Nobel Laureates in Landau, Germany and travel grant for Bangladeshi students participating in the ACM-ICPC finals. NABIC support science education and research among the young scientists of Bangladesh. So far NABIC provided $106K as travel grants of $10,000 to the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. In 2019 with the NABIC fund of $10K group from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology has participated in the ACM-ICPC finals. Also, 4 young professors & researchers participated 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.