Vocational Training

Many years NABIC has been supporting women empowerment projects called “Joutuk” free marriage campaign, is located in Gaibandha. Recently NABIC started vocational training in Gabura Satkhira & different NCH locations. 
Through the “Joutuk” free marriage campaign over 300 girls from very poor families were trained in 6 different fields  like tailoring, cooking, raising children, basic health issue, nursery (vegetable gardening) and defense against Eve-Teasing. These programs , for creating awareness against ‘Dowry & Child-Marriage’ ,have been very successful in rural areas of Gaibandha.
In Gabura, Satkhira over 150 families received taining including sewing, livestock rearing fishing, midwifery etc. 

Through NABIC Center for the Humanity (NCH) over 100 families received training training on Mobile phone repair, Driving, Midwifery, Sewing etc.

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