Integrated Health Care Project

North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC) has donated $15,000 to implement a program on Integrated Health Care Project (IHCP) for the poor communities in Nikli upazila of Kishoreganj district.

The program will run from a clinic and three outreach centers; the clinic is in Purbogram village of Nikli upazila, the outreach centers are in Chetra, Gouripur and Singpur villages of Nikli upazila. Four health workers have been employed for this project.  The paramedic will work 6 days, from 9 am to 5 pm; two days each in the Purbogram clinic and Singpur center and one day each for Chetra and Gouripur centers. There will be all day long health camps in each of the four areas once in every two months; these will be attended by specialist doctors. Medicines will be provided, with subsidies for the poorest families.


Ashic – Childhood Care and Palliative care

ASHIC Foundation for Childhood Cancer is the first Childhood Cancer Foundation in Bangladesh. NABIC is providing funds to this foundation for Pediatric Palliative Care to the terminally ill children at a very nominal cost. NABIC also provided funds for ASHIC shelter program that offers living quarters in Dhaka for Children with cancer who come from remote areas and are financially disadvantaged.

Idris-Chemon Charitable Clinic

NABIC started funding this free clinic in 2017 in Chapur, Brammanbaria.
In addition, NABIC is also providing funds for health education, Midwife training to the local community in this clinic through its partner NGO.
Eye camps are also arranged in this clinic periodically to help the disadvantaged community members living in this area.

  • Provides care to Adult, Children including Ob-Gyn
  • Eye camp, Midwifery training
  • Serves 65 to 70 patients per day 2 days/ week
  • Cost per patient visit $3 to $5
  • Provided fund for the vocational training (Tailoring & Computer)
  • Vocational training (1 to 3 months) cost -$130/ person with earning potential of $165/ month



DMNAPK Charitable Clinic

The DMNAPK charitable clinic is located in Gazipur. This clinic was started in 2013. It is located at the premises of DMNAPK and provides care 2 days a week and medicine free or at a nominal cost depending on the financial situation of the patient.

The girls residing at DMNAPK gets training at the clinic in medical and other related fields.
Eye camps and ENT camps were also arranged in this clinic to help the disadvantaged community members living in this area periodically.

Madhabpur General Hospital

This NABIC sponsored general hospital with outdoor clinic and a diagnostic center in located on Montola, Madhabpur upozila of Hobigonj district. It Provides 24 hrs Emergency services in addition to Maternity, Surgical and Medical services to about 100,000 poor people in this area for nominal fees. As of December, 2017, NABIC has provided more than $225,000 to build the hospital. procure equipment and maintain the services.

Karmirhath-NABIC General Hospital

NABIC has been supporting this hospital since 2002.
This hospital serves more than 250,000 people in Sadullapur Upozilla, Gaibandha area.
Since 2016 NABIC is providing $ 300 K to build a new 6000 square feet facility.

Karmirhath-NABIC Hospital construction work