Protecting the vulnerable children & family of Gabura, Satkhira

This project is located in a remote area named Dumuria near Shundarban.   The cyclone Sidr left the people of Dumuria devastated. So far, NABIC supported to establish 10 ponds for pure drinking water with a filter system. In addition, this project is supporting approximately 250 children with 1050 taka monthly giving cash and providing school supplies and doctor visits.

In 2016, NABIC initiated a training program for the care giver of these children so in the future, each family can be self-sufficient.  NABIC is sponsoring children, training for the women in Dumuria; vocational skill training that will help them to support their family. Over 100 families received the fund for IGA (Goat and cow rearing, sewing etc) program. Many of the recipients of this program are already successfully implementing their skills to earn their livelihood and able to send their children to schools with their own money.  NABIC is also supporting free primary school for children, & started mobile clinic for the poor rver bound villagers.

  • So far NABIC provided $500K towards this project.