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  • Welcome to NABIC, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), not political organization established in 1990 which focuses to improve the condition of the people of Bangladesh and North America in a holistic manner based on the proverb “think globally; act locally”.

    Over the years NABIC has expanded in to a premier organization committed to uplift the overall condition of the society with special emphasis to the needs of vulnerable members of our community, children, youth, and women.

    Served by a robust, dynamic board of directors from diverse professional background and eight different states of USA, NABIC strives to provide state of art services in a multitude of areas like Healthcare, Poverty Alleviation & Community Development, Science & Technology Education, Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation.

    NABIC looks forward to work with concerned citizens of our country to take care of other essential unmet needs of the society.


  • Be a role model in serving humanity with focus on Bangladesh.

  • 1. Promote Islamic awareness and practices among American Muslims with focus on those of Bangladeshi heritage.

    2. Serve the Muslim communities in North America with focus on those of Bangladeshi heritage in meeting its various needs.

    3. Link North American Muslims with the welfare of the people of Bangladesh.

    4. Facilitate dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among various segments of the people of Bangladeshi heritage and with other groups in North America.

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