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  • Welcome to NABIC – the North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community.

    NABIC is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization, registered (Tax ID: 62-1531289), established in 1990. Initially, it was to be a network of Islamic-minded professionals – a resource group that would intellectually counter attacks by Bangladeshi “secularists” on Islam and Muslims through writings, seminars, lectures, etc. It was to be an alternative trend to the existing politically-based Islamic, and “non-political” Islamic groups. It is

    Non-Partisan: No affiliation or appearance of affiliation with any political parties in Bangladesh. However, individuals of all political stripes are welcome;

    Non-Sectarian: No preoccupation with sects or Madhabs;

    Ummah-Oriented/Bangladesh-Focused: Based on the proverb “think globally; act locally.” Though the focus area is Bangladeshis and Bangladesh, it is not a nationalist organization, and it extends a helping hand to other parts of the world.


  • Be a role model in serving humanity with focus on Bangladesh.

  • 1. Promote Islamic awareness and practices among American Muslims with focus on those of Bangladeshi heritage.

    2. Serve the Muslim communities in North America with focus on those of Bangladeshi heritage in meeting its various needs.

    3. Link North American Muslims with the welfare of the people of Bangladesh.

    4. Facilitate dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among various segments of the people of Bangladeshi heritage and with other groups in North America.

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