Nabic Ramadan Food Appeal – 2022

NABIC Corona Virus Response fund

The Prophet, upon him, be peace, said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

It is a time of distress for Dhaka, and unfortunately, this pandemic is affecting hundred & thousands of families.

In situations like this, it can be difficult to decide what to do. However, we have found a way to help the people. Please consider helping as much as possible by making a donation now so that we can purchase supplies and food for those affected by the pandemic. 

Food for a family of five is provided for every 10 dollars. By donating today, you are contributing directly to providing these vulnerable people with a bag of food during the Eid festival.

Safe Home for Girls

Located in Masterbari, Gazipur; is a signature project of NABIC. In the past, many of our supporters showed interest in expanding this project. This safe home houses about 52 orphans and destitute girls between the ages of 5 and 18. Provide basic education, computer literacy, livelihood skill training Some of the girls staying in the home for the last 8-10 years. Since 2003, NABIC has been providing financial support to the center for education, operation, and facility expansion. NABIC funded a total of $250K to this project. This year NABIC commitment $32K.

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Food Pantry Memphis, TN

NABIC has been providing funds to Halal Food Pantry program at Masjid Al-Mu’minun in Memphis since 2016. This program supports the community members in need irrespective of race, religion and ethnicity.

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Karmirhath-NABIC General Hospital

NABIC partnered with Karmirhath supporting this hospital since 2002. NABIC supported this hospital by providing specialized equipment. NABIC recently build a new hospital building which cost $350K. This hospital is proving eye care, Diabetic care, maternal care & prenatal care at very low cost to the financially disadvantaged community. This hospital serves more than 250,000 people in Sadullapur Upozilla, Gaibandha area.
  • So far NABIC provided $400K toward the new building

Children Sponsorship & Training Program Gabura, Sathkhira

This project is located in a remote area named Dumuria near Shundarban.   The cyclone Sidr left the people of Dumuria devastated. So far, NABIC supported to establish 10 ponds for pure drinking water with a filter system. In addition, this project is supporting approximately 250 children with 1050 taka monthly giving cash and providing school supplies and doctor visits.
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Computer Literacy Center & Smart Classroom

Currently NABIC is supporting 15 Computer Literacy Centers in 15 different educational institutions across Bangladesh. From May 2019 to April 2020, 622 students have completed their CLC graduation from the 15 supported CLCs. Additionally, all of these schools hold their regular (Government curriculum) computer classes in the NABIC established Computer Literacy Lab. Thus many more students are benefitted from the NABIC established computer literacy labs.

Since 2009, NABIC has donated 11 SCRs nationwide. Dnet visited all the SCRs during the reporting year, and found them in praiseworthy use. Schools conduct digitally assisted classes using the SCRs. Every school has been provided with a CD containing lesson plans and the teaching material of nine different textbooks covering four main subjects. These contents are used frequently in classrooms and the teachers find it very useful. They also compile audio‐visual and PowerPoint presentations from internet and create their own contents when needed. The table below shows the number of beneficiaries reached this year using the 11 SCRs. This year, 7,943 students have had the opportunity to receive instructions in the SCRs, where about 39.93 percent were girls

So far $126K was provided to support this program.