NABIC 3rd Matrimonial Event

 And one of His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.”

Quran · Surah alRum · Ayah 21

Our matrimonial committee is dedicated to serving our community and we understand the importance of choosing the right partner for marriage. For this reason, we want to offer you a halal platform to meet your potential spouse. Our goal is to provide the most effective outcomes and our services are set according to Islamic etiquette. Each event has been more successful than the last, which made it clear that there is a strong need in the community to facilitate such events on a more frequent basis. This year NABIC NY group is organizing it’s 3rd Matrimonial event on Sunday, October 27 at Bellozino Hall, Jackson Heights, NY. NABIC welcomes you, and if you wish, your parent/ chaperone if interested in attending this event (+$15 every additional parent/chaperone. Maximum 2). In addition, this event is open to all Muslims interested in finding a spouse regardless of age or background.



How it works:

Fill out the application using the link below. Pay fee through the registration link below. During the event day, participants sign in, receive a badge with a number, and then will be escorted to their designated tables (one side for females and the other for males). Each table will have four females and four males and one mediator to facilitate group discussions. When announced, brothers will rise and rotate to the next table and so forth. We will have a Zuhur prayer break, followed by lunch and then continue rotations.


Click here for Biodata Application

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Before the discussions begin, every participant is given a pen and paper to note the number from the badge of anyone they find interesting. Once all group discussions are over, male profiles are posted on one side of the room and female profiles on the other so they may review a give a second thought to anyone they have missed. During this time, the optional “Family/Social Hour” begins, in which participants are able to speak individually (with parent/chaperone, if present). After the event, participants will receive email access to the requested participant’s biodata and contact information. If you do not get a confirmation email that we received your application, your application is invalid. Please let us know immediately so we may reserve your spot, respectively



North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), non-partisan organization that primarily aims to improve the overall conditions of the people of Bangladesh and North America through a unique, holistic approach. Over the years, NABIC has expanded to serve more communities, becoming a premier organization committed to uplifting the circumstances of those in need, while prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable of those societies, irrespective of race or religion. Through ongoing projects in nearly every field, ranging from healthcare to education to poverty alleviation and emergency relief/rehabilitation, NABIC strives to cover every base of improvement, highlighting the holistic approach we have adopted. For the past several years, NABIC has taken the initiative to create a safe and halal environment for matrimonial services.

We look forward to serving you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at .

JazakAllahu Khairan,

NABIC Matrimonial Team




  • I understand that NABIC makes no guarantee to find a match at its event. NABIC is only providing a platform to meet other singles Muslims.
  • I confirm that I am 18 years old or older.
  • I certify that I am currently unmarried.
  • I hereby certify that the information I am to provide is true, correct, and complete in every respect.
  • I will promptly inform NABIC Matrimonial service of any changes in the information provided.
  • I authorize NABIC Matrimonial service to utilize the information provided by me according to the needs of the service.
  • I understand that the information I provide to NABIC (biodata, etc.) will not be kept confidential and will be shared with the other participants.
  • I will not hold NABIC responsible in the case that a potential match provides false information, and understand that each family is responsible for conducting a background check on potential candidates.
  • I understand that all guests are asked to treat their fellow guests with respect and courtesy. If the NABIC team finds the behavior of a guest is inappropriate, NABIC reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss them from the event.
  • I understand that seats are limited and if I cannot make attend, I will let a NABIC Matrimonial organizer know immediately.
  • I promise to inform NABIC Matrimonial Services if I find a match through their services.
  • I understand that there is a no refund for this event.