Improving Livelihood Project

Project Location: Dhamrai, Dhaka and Rupgonj, Narayangonj.

Project Period: One Year (March, 2017 to February, 2018)

Project Implemented by: Network for Universal Services and Rural Advancement

Project Financed by: North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC)
P.O. Box 770546, Memphis, TN 38177-0546,USA

Total Target Population: 40 Women directly.

Total budget: BDT 8,00,000 (US$ 10,000)

Major Interventions:

  • IGA on Black Bengal Goat Rearing- 40 women
  • IGA on Tailoring Training- 40 women
  • Grant support for Black Bengal Goat -20 women
  • Grant support for Sewing Machine -20 women
  • Anti-dowry Campaigning in Two Upazila.

Impact of project in the communities:

  • Skill developmet of rural women is improved.
  • Business idea and likage is develoved
  • Social bonding is develoved by compaigning of Anti-dowry.

Ashic – Childhood Care and Palliative care

ASHIC (A shelter for helpless ill children) Foundation for Childhood Cancer is the only Childhood Cancer Foundation in Bangladesh. From 2017, NABIC partners with ASIC to provide fund for Pediatric Palliative Care (PCU), this is the first in Bangladesh as well as in Asia Pacific Region. Palliative Care service provides quality life and pain relieve to the terminally ill children at a very nominal treatment cost. NABIC also provide fund for ASHIC shelter program, a unique program in Bangladesh which provide a facility for Cancer Children of the rural areas to come and stay free in the accommodation facility to complete their treatment course. NABIC provided $10,000 for toward this project.

Idris-Chemon Charitable Clinic

Established in Chapur village of Masihata union under Brammanbaria Sadar Upazila in August 2000 by the family member and providing healthcare services to the local community. From early 2017 NABIC in partnership with it’s local NGO working with the family to operate the charitable clinic. In 2017 NABIC has provided $22.5 to this project.


DMNAPK Charitable Clinic

The DMNAPK charitable clinic is located in Gazipur. This clinic is extremely beneficial for the home and local community which is fully funded by NABIC. Started from 2013 the main objective of the charity clinic is to improve the health status of community members in the project area by providing quality health services and medicine to underprivileged people. So far NABIC provided $35K toward this project for set up and operational expenses. 2017 commitment, $15K for operation and maintenance.

Madhabpur General Hospital

NABIC sponsored fully functional general hospital with outdoor clinic and a diagnostic center in the village of Montola in Madhabpur upozila of Hobigonj district. It Provides 24 hrs Emergency & Pharmacy, Maternity, Pathology, Surgical and Medical services to about 100,000 poor people of the area for nominal fees. To date, NABIC has provided more than $225,000 for the hospital since 2002 for building the hospital and for buying specialized equipment as well as maintenance. 2017 Commitment is $20K for maintenance and operation.


Karmirhath-NABIC General Hospital

Since 2002 NABIC partnered with Karmirhath to support this hospital. This hospital provided services like Eye Care, Diabetic, Maternity, Childcare & Dental. NABIC provided financial support to buying specialized equipment for the hospital. In 2016 NABIC committed to build a 6000 square feet new hospital building named “Karmirhath-NABIC hospital” which will cost $300K. This hospital will serve the Sadullapur Upozilla a population of 255300 and the people of adjoining village of Gaibandha Sadar upozilla. So far NABIC provided $225K and committed to provide another $75K to finish the construction.

Karmirhath-NABIC Hospital construction work

Mustafiz Glaucoma Research & Eye Hospital

NABIC was able to fully support the construction of the Glaucoma Research and Eye Care Hospital (GREH) located in Mirpur, Dhaka. NABIC has donated $250k (USD 1/4 million) for construction. NABIC contributed over $100K to BECS for specialized equipment. Run by the Bangladesh Eye Care Society (BECS), the equipment provided by NABIC is in use and of great assistance to the GREH to run its daily tests and serve patients. Since 2002, NABIC has been funding BECS to improve its diagnostic and treatment capacity. In 2016, NABIC provided $25K for additional equipment to purchase for the Glaucoma Research & Eye hospital. The main goal of Bangladesh Eye Care Society (BECS) is to provide regular eye care at low cost and prevent eyesight problems by detecting glaucoma in its early stage. So far NABIC provided $362K, 2017 commitment $25K for equipment.


Last few years NABIC is making the arrangement for Qurbani/Udhiya in Bangladesh. In collaboration with our partner we are giving the opportunity to our members and supporters to get your Sacrifice/Qurbani done in some of the most deprived areas of Bangladesh. In 2017 all the Qurbani meat were distributed to the Flood victims.
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Anti-Dowry Project

This is one of the women empowerment projects that NABIC has been supporting since 2009. “Joutuk” free marriage campaign, is located at Karmirhath in Gaibandha where over 300 girls from very poor families received trainings. The training program is based on six different categories of skills such as, tailoring, cooking, raising children, basic health issue, nursery (vegetable gardening) and defense against Eve-Teasing. Programs for creating awareness against ‘Dowry & Child-Marriage’ have been very successful in rural areas of Gaibandha. Following six months of training, each of the girls got a foot-driven sewing machine, a certificate and some money to start their own business. Among the 294 girls, 61got married during their training period. These were Dowry-Free marriages. Each trained girl is now an earning member of her family. The trainings have instilled self-confidences in the girls and have prepared them to face challenges. Parents of girls from these very poor families are showing keen interests to train their daughters. With your continuous support, NABIC funds supported 40 girls and contributed $10,000 in 2016. So far NABIC provided $82K for this project, 2017 Commitment $10K .

Community building

Dusto Meyeder Nirapod Ashram o Punarbashion Kendra (DMNAPK)

Located in Masterbari, Gazipur; is a signature project of NABIC. In the past, many of our supporters showed interest in expanding this project. This safe home houses about 45 orphans and destitute girls between the ages of 5 and 18. Some of the girls have been there for the last 6-7 years. The girls are trained to do household works such as cooking, cleaning, and etc. Since 2003, NABIC has been providing financial support to DMNAPK for education, operation and facility expansion. NABIC funded a total of $91K to DMNAPK. This year NABIC’s commitment $30K.