Dr. Rashed Nizam

Dr. Rashed Nizam is an Ophthalmologist, completed residency training at Brown University and fellowship training at University of Missouri. He is the founding Director, Mid Missouri Eye Center, LLC established in 2000.He was awarded as Physician of the Year (2003) by the National Republican Congressional Committee, National Leadership Award (2003) by Physicians Advisory Board, Service Award (2002) Moberly Chamber of Commerce, Moberly, Missouri Fogerty Fellowship Award, Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, Rhode Island (1996), Momose Afro Asian Scholarship, Institute of Clinical Ophthalmology, Kiryu, Japan (1989), Achievement Award, Sylhet MAG Osmany Medical School Alumni Association of North America (2012). Dr. Nizam served as NABIC president since 2014 to 2017 and he also served as NABIC president from 2008-11. He is he member of ISNA founders Committee since 2005 and was member ISNA Majlis Shura until 2015. He is currently serving as a chair of the ISNA development funding committee.