Science & Technology Education

ACM-ICPC World Finals & Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting

Since 2003, NABIC has been a proud sponsor of the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) team and the Dhaka University (DU) team attending the World Finals of the Association of Computing Machineries (ACM) Annual Inter-Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Beginning in 2008 NABIC has been providing funding to Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) to cover the travel expenses for young scientists attending the conference of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany. As of 2015 NABIC has provided $90,000 for this project.

Computer Literacy Center

NABIC in partnership with Voluntary Association of Bangladesh- New Jersey Chapter (VAB-NJ) sponsored establishing 15 computer literacy centers (CLCs) in and 9 smart classrooms in rural areas of Bangladesh. To date NABIC has funded $94K for establishing and maintaining these computer literacy centers.