Dustho Meyeder Nirapad Asram O Punarbashan Kendra (DMNAPK)

Some of the girls DMNAPK Center
Dustho Meyeder Nirapad Asram O Punarbashan Kendra (DMNAPK) is a non-government and not-for-profit organization for supporting poor and guardian-less girl children aged between 6-18 years. NABIC contributed in renovating this institution by financing a two-storied building which added more dormitory rooms for the destitute girls. Since 1996 this organization has been in operation to support orphan and destitute girls. The organization provides accommodation, food and a congenial atmosphere for the children to grow into useful members of the community. The children are provided with formal and non-formal education and some livelihood skill training. DMNAPK is located at Master Bari, Gazipur about 36 km north of Dhaka. It is spread over one acre (3 bighas) of land. This building contains all the classroom & dormitory for the girls. About two bighas of land is kept open and is used as a garden, tree plantation, playground, and an open space for various activities for the girls.

Now, there are 50 girls in the Safe Home. DMNAPK takes care of their all needs including food and nutrition, toiletries, books, dresses, health, recreation etc. The girls from this organization are getting their education starting form grade one to ten. The in-house teachers impart education internally by following BRAC system for the junior classes. For secondary education, girls are sent to a nearby school. Additionally, they get special coaching and mentoring from their teachers and patrons. In total, 20 girls go to neighborhood school. They have been provided a rickshaw van for their safe commutating. As the number has grown quite large now, they generally walk to school in a group. There are 4 full time resident female teachers in the Home as they live there along with the girls. In addition, there are 4 non-resident teachers. For skill training outside specialists have been engaged.

The security for the girls and campus is ensured by following strict rules regarding entry and exit, visits and contact with outsiders. There are 2 security guards who remain on duty 24 hours a day within the campus. Help from local respectable persons is also available as required as NABIC maintains friendly relationships with the respectable people in the village.

The students have been doing really well as for the girls who sat for examinations at the national levels this year got A and B grades. Coaching by school teachers has been arranged for the girls who attend the neighborhood school. The President, who has long years of teaching experience and other members of the Executive Committee often visit the Home and monitor the teaching quality and management of the Home. Teachers from Home are sent to BRAC Regional Training Center for 2 days per month for training. The patrons of the Home try to identify and recruit trainers as per requirement of the skill development programs. The needed training equipment and books are procured when required. The girls are encouraged to engage in cultural activities- Quran recitation, poem writing etc.

$50/month to Sponsor 1 Girl

In order to make all the skill training programs feasible it is planned to increase the number of students up to 50 (fifty). For this, the newly built dormitory rooms need to be equipped with required furniture, beds and furnishings. The library also will be further developed with new books, audio equipment, and etc. Training materials and equipment like sewing machines, computers, frames for pot making, sewing and design materials will be procured. Islamic education will be strengthened with the introduction and procurement of relevant children books. The playground will be developed further with more earth filling and installation of playing equipment. In 2017 as well as in 2018 NABIC approved the support of $28,000 mainly to support the basic education (formal and non-formal), Islamic education, livelihood and vocational training which will improve the quality of life for the girls. This contribution will mainly support the teachers and educational cost of the center. So far NABIC contributed $140K to this project.

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