Poverty Alleviation & Community Development

Poverty Alleviation (shariah compliant micro-credit program)

Network for Universal Services of Rural Advancement is a registered non-government organization (NGO) in Bangladesh.  It is has a comprehensive socio-economic program that works to improve the conditions of rural poor through shariah compliant micro-credit program.  Unlike other micro-credit programs here we are providing the earning goods (like Rickshaw, Domestic animals etc.) instead of money to the poor people with an agreement of paying back the nominal price of the good when they start earning.  NABIC has been sponsoring projects to improve the conditions of rural poor through Shariah compliant microcredit program for over 15 years supporting works in seven upazilas in four zilas, Dhaka, Narayanganj, Manikgonj and Hobigonj distributing over 1.5 crore taka credits per year.

Dowry Free Marriage Campaign by Karmirhath

In 2009, Karmirhath – a Gaibandha based NGO, started an anti-dowry marriage campaign that includes providing life skills training to girls from poor families. The Anti-dowry project is running their 11th batch of training.  The girls are very happy and satisfied to get the training and support and several of the trainees went through dowry-free marriages. After finishing training the girls get a certificate and a sewing machine to start their own business and help the family financially. This year we are planning to support 40 girls for training. Since 2009, over 300 girls from ultra-poor families have received training at a cost of $82,000. This training has created a keen interest among the poor families in particular and in the society in general. The trained girls have not only acquired training in some income-generating trades (Tailoring), they have now more confidence on themselves and more aware about their rights. The training we are giving them on defense against ‘Eveteasing’ since 2010 has been very helpful to them.

Sports complex by Karmirhath

NABIC not only facilitated education program but also provided outdoor facilities for the rural girls’ schools.  NABIC has been supporting this project since 2010, with NABIC’s funding, our local partner Karmirhath provided sports equipment and facilities to 23 schools. The program became very popular among students and teachers especially since most of the rural schools lack in sports facilities. It has been reported that the enrollment has been increased in those schools which received sports materials. So far NABIC provided 27K for this project, and allocated $7K in 2017.  

Shelter and Education for Destitute Girls

Located in Masterbari, Gazipur, Dusto Meyeder Nirapod Ashram o Punarbashion Kendra (DMNAPK), [previously known as Safe Home for Girls (SHG)] houses about 35 orphans and/or destitute girls between the ages of 9 and 15 years. Besides providing a safe shelter, SHG provides basic education and life skills training to these young girls. Some of the girls are there for last 6-7 years, passing their 6th -8th grade. The shelter home has school system up to 5th grade, after that the girls are sent to the public school for higher grades. The girls are also trained to do all the household works. Since 2003 NABIC has been providing financial support to DMNAPK for operation, and facility expansion. NABIC funded $63, 000 to DMNAPK. This year additional 15 girls will be included in this program.