Karmirhath-NABIC General Hospital and Dental Clinic

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Karmirhath General Hospital and Dental Clinic is located in the Gaibandha District. The hospital is locally maintained by a local NGO named Karmirhath. This hospital is dedicated for the treatment of local residents with multiple facilities. Eye patients had to go either to Rangpur Medical College at a distance of 44 miles or to BograMedicalCollege at a distance of 38 miles from Gaibandha. Gradualy the following sections were added to the hospital:

  1. Diabetes Care in 1999
  2. Child Care in 2004,
  3. Matri-Seba (Pre-Natal care for pregnant mothers in 2005) and
  4. Dental Care in 2007.

The hospital is also equipped with a functional operating room for the eye care patients, providing child and female health care, provides diabetic screening and other social welfare needs in the area. Since 2003, NABIC has been funding Karmirhath Hospital. Numbers of patients who have received services in this hospital till November, 2013 are:

  1. Eye Care: a. Out-Door: 1,51, 68               b. Cataract Operations: 4, 431
  2. Diabetic Care: 19, 314
  3. Children Care: 13, 925
  4. Matri-Seba (Pre-Natal Care): 9, 165
  5. Dental Care: 1,013

Karmirhath Hospital, specially its Eye Care section, has been providing humanitarian services to the poor people of the district of Gaibandha and its adjoining Upo-Zillas. We charge a very nominal fee from those who can afford. Our motto is: No Patient Should Return Un-Served for Want of Money. In 2011 NABIC has provided $14,300 to purchase a new microscope for cataract surgeries.

Currently the hospital needs to relocate and NABIC is planning to support the construction of the new hospital building keeping all the facilities the hospital has been providing to the local needy people. The estimated total construction cost would be $300K. 



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