Idris Chemon Charitable Clinic



Idris Chemon Charitable Clininc¬†established in Chapur village of Masihata union under Brammanbaria Sadar Upazila in August 2000 by the family member and providing healthcare services to the local community. From early 2017 NABIC in partnership with it’s local NGO working with the family to operate the charitable clinic.

The Health center has own complex, providing treatment facilities by a specialist doctor as well as health management personnel, and also providing necessary medicine at the doorstep of the community, with especial emphasis on the poor and lower income people in the nearby community at free of cost. People of these areas are so pleased to getting this treatment facality. Patients are coming to the health center from neighboring areas of Chapur, like- Paikpara, Chinair, Kamalpur, Khewai and Chandi. The centre is opened two days in a week, per day 60 and above patients come here. In 2017 NABIC has provided $22,500 for this clinic.

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