Madhabpur Hospital

Located in the village of Montola in Madhabpur upozila of Hobigonj district, the Madhabpur Hospital maintained by a local NGO- Network for Universal Services of Rural Advancement, is a fully functional general hospital with an outdoor clinic and a diagnostic center. The hospital opened in 2007, funded entirely by NABIC. The hospital provides a 24-hour emergency and pharmacy facility, as well as maternity, pathology, surgical and medical services to about 100,000 poor people in the area for nominal fees. This hospital now has a fully-equipped ambulance serving the community and bringing in patients from distant areas. To date, NABIC has provided around $200,000 for the hospital. The Madhabpur Hospital is the only hospital serving the inhabitants of Madhabpur.

Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital

This is one of the big projects that NABIC is supporting now.  Located in Mirpur, Dhaka, the main goal of Bangladesh Eyecare Society ( BECS), is to provide regular eye care at low cost and prevent eyesight problems by detecting ant treating glaucoma in the early stage.  Since 2002 NABIC has been funding BECS to improve its diagnostic and treatment capacity.  To date NABIC provided $ 67,500 to BECS to purchase several specialized equipment. BECS treated 25,051 eye patients and performed 2424 surgeries so far. BECS has recently decided to build a 12 story Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital. In July 2011, the groundbreaking for Glaucoma Research Eye Hospital took place. NABIC has contributed $250,000 for the first phase of the project. The current goal is to furnish the Glaucoma Research Hospital with the equipment and make it fully functional. In 2014 NABIC has contributed $50,000 to buy a advanced eye surgery machine called Phaco machine.

Karmirhath General Hospital and Dental Clinic

The Karmirhath General Hospital and Dental Clinic is located in the Gaibandha district. The hospital is maintained by a local NGO called Karmirhath. This hospital is dedicated to the treatment of local residents with multiple facilities. For instance, an eye surgeon comes in every week to treat eye diseases. The hospital is also equipped with a functional operating room for eye care patients, provides child and female health care and provides diabetic screenings and other social welfare needs for the area. NABIC has been funding the Karmirhath Hospital since 2003. In 2011, NABIC provided $14,300 to purchase a new microscope for cataract surgeries. Up to date NABIC has provided $75, 000 for this hospital. The current treatment center need to be rebuilt due to the heavy demand un the area, as well as in nearby village. The total estimated construction coast is $250,000.

Idris Chemon Charitable Clinic

Idris Chemin Charitable Clininc established in Chapur village of Masihata union under Brammanbaria Sadar Upazila in August 2000 by the family member and providing healthcare services to the local community. From early 2017 NABIC in partnership with it’s local NGO working with the family to operate the charitable clinic. The Health center has own complex, providing treatment facilities by a specialist doctor as well as health management personnel, and also providing necessary medicine at the doorstep of the community, with especial emphasis on the poor and lower income people in the nearby community at free of cost. People of these areas are so pleased to getting this treatment facality. Patients are coming to the health center from neighboring areas of Chapur, like- Paikpara, Chinair, Kamalpur, Khewai and Chandi. The centre is opened two days in a week, per day 60 and above patients come here. In 2017 NABIC has provided $22,500 for this clinic.

DMNAPK Charitable Clinic

NABIC initiated a charitable clinic at the DMNAK premise in 2013.  DMNAPK’s Weekend Charity Clinics fully funded by NABIC. This project is extremely beneficial for the girls and local community. From November 2013 it has been providing quality health care services for the neighbourhood’s poor and non-poor population, including mothers, children, adolescents, men and the elderly, through a part-time doctor and a part-time paramedic on Fridays from 9 am to 1pm. From December 2014 this clinic has been providing services on both Fridays and Saturdays. The weekend clinic aims to provide free services to poor patients including mothers, children, adolescents, and the elderly. Moreover, the project intends to offer a four-month medical training scheme for girls in Gazipur.  With the generous contribution from our supporters in 2016 NABIC funded $15,000 for free medical treatment to the poor and needy people in nearby areas.