Physician from USA visited NABIC Satellite clinic for Rohingya Refugee

NABIC arranged for Dr. Mohammed Naser Nazmul to visit Rohingya camps and Medical clinics set up by NABIC with Network NGO in Ukhia, Cox’s bazar on Saturday Janary 6, 2018.

Dr. Nazmul is Board certified Internist and Nephrologist currently practicing in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Dr. Nazmul evaluated NABIC’s programs, provided consultation to improve patients. End of his visit he commented “It was an eye opener to the current situation of Rohingya community and inshaALLAH, I will continue my support through NABIC. I was impressed by the dedication and hard work of NABIC as a team in this crucial humanitarian crisis.”

Our immediate past President and current Board member Dr. Rashed Nizam who is also the Chair of ISNA’s Development Foundationis planning to visit Rohingya camps and NABIC satellite clinics in Ukhia within next few weeks.

With inputs from Dr. Nazmul and Dr. Nizam in future we plan to provide more cost efficient care to the Rohingyas.