NY Conference 2016









The NABIC Eastern Regional Conference took place on November 19, 2016 at World’s Fair Marina in Queens, New York.  The event was put together by the hard work and dedication of the NABIC New York local committee.

The evening opened with a reception and meet-and-greet among NABIC board members, local NABIC New York committee members and guests. The program then began with a Qur’an recitation by the winners of a local Qir’at competition, organized among various masajid and institutions with iTV earlier in the year. NABIC also organized an essay competition for middle school and high school students, and the winners received plaques and gifts at the conference. NABIC President Dr. Rashed Nizam delivered scholarships to two local Islamic schools in New York.

This year, NABIC also recognized three individuals in New York for their outstanding contribution to the community in different professional fields: Dr. Rumi Mashi in recognition of his leadership in finance and investment; Ivan Khan for his leadership in education and community development; and Johana Mariam Bhuiyan for her leadership in journalism. The event was brightened by the presence of numerous youth participants.

Dr. Nizam introduced NABIC’s programs and updated the ongoing work that it is supporting. The evening was enlightened by positive remarks from Imam Shamsi Ali, who touched on the positive contribution of Bangladeshis in the local New York community. The audience was thrilled to see an optimistic presentation by Dr. Mohammad Karim on the innovation and resilience of the Bangladeshi people. As he explained, the economic growth and strong willpower of Bangladeshis keep the country moving forward.

A successful fundraising appeal by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah resulted in the generous contributions by NABIC supporters at the end of the conference — $135,000. Inshallah, these funds will be put to good use for the people of Bangladesh.