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Support the Hurricane Victims

As our brothers and sisters in Texas are trying to come out of the havoc inflicted by hurricane Harvey, those in Florida are facing the devastating hurricane IRMA.  Hurricane Harvey apparently claimed 70 lives, while Hurricane Irma so far caused 5 deaths with combined  damage from the two storms being speculated to be about  200… Read more

Emergency Relief for Rohingya

Rohingya villages are burning again! As estimated by news and media, nearly 5000,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed the Myanmar border into Bangladesh. The UNICEF, the UN children’s agency, said about 80% of those fleeing is women and children. Approximately 1000 people were killed in this genocide.The inflow of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and their persecution has… Read more

Devastating Flood in Bangladesh. Urgent help needed!

Our beloved country Bangladesh is facing a devastating flood and is in urgent need of our help. More than 16 million people have been affected and about 120 people have died in Bangladesh since the flood started. One-third of Bangladesh and Nepal have been flooded, said Martin Faller, Deputy regional director for Asia Pacific at… Read more

NABIC Elects New Board of Directors

NABIC Board of Director 2017-2020 Position Name President Dr. Pear M Enam Vice President Dr. Musaddeque Ahmad Secretary Fazle Elahi Chowdhury Treasurer Lufti Karim Immediate Past President Dr. Rashed Nizam Member Dr. Sofia Khandekar Member Mahbubur Rahman Member Dr. Arifa C Rahman Member Ahsanul Huq

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NABIC Board of Regents

NABIC Board of Regent Position Name Chairperson Dr. Abu B Ahmed Member Dr. Shakil Ahmed Member Dr. A. Alim Khandekar Member Dr. Mohammad A Karim  Member  Dr. Sadrul Ula

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Ashura’ in History

Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came to Madinah and saw the Jews fasting on the day of ‘Ashura’. He said, ‘What is this?’ They said, ‘This is a righteous day, it is the day when Allah saved the Children of Israel… Read more

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NABIC @ ISNA convention 2016

We are delighted to invite you all to join NABIC Reception and visit NABIC booth in ISNA convention 2016 at Chicago, IL. InshaAllah, we will have a few NABIC activities/programs dedicated for you during the convention which will help you to know more about NABIC & it’s activities. NABIC Display Booth # 1312 Meet NABIC… Read more

NABIC Convention 2016

NABIC Convention 2016 Report By Aliya Karim At its 26th annual convention, the North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC) addressed the current state of Bangladesh and also the current state of Muslim Americans. “Overcoming Challenges, Applying Islamic Values” resonated as a significant theme throughout the day’s program in Richardson, Texas. As Shaykh Shpendim Nadzaku of… Read more

NABIC Ramadan Fundraising Iftar in Memphis, TN

  This Ramdan NABIC local leadership of Memphis has organized a Fundraising Iftar on Friday June 17th at the Great Hall, Germantown. Under the leadership of Dr. Sofia Khandekar, Dr. Alim Khandekar & Dr. Muhammad Zaman it was a successful event. The event was well participated with local Memphians, including both Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi longtime NABIC… Read more