Mustafiz Glaucoma Research & Eye Hospital

NABIC was able to fully support the construction of the Glaucoma Research and Eye Care Hospital (GREH) located in Mirpur, Dhaka. NABIC has donated $250k (USD 1/4 million) for construction. NABIC contributed over $100K to BECS for specialized equipment. Run by the Bangladesh Eye Care Society (BECS), the equipment provided by NABIC is in use and of great assistance to the GREH to run its daily tests and serve patients. Since 2002, NABIC has been funding BECS to improve its diagnostic and treatment capacity. In 2016, NABIC provided $25K for additional equipment to purchase for the Glaucoma Research & Eye hospital. The main goal of Bangladesh Eye Care Society (BECS) is to provide regular eye care at low cost and prevent eyesight problems by detecting glaucoma in its early stage. So far NABIC provided $362K, 2017 commitment $25K for equipment.