Mobile Food Pantry, Memphis

The Midtown Mosque Mobile Food Pantry distributes packaged food delivered at the door step to needy families across North Memphis on a monthly basis. The program is supported by the work of 15 volunteers. At its current capacity, the program is able to provide food for 80 individuals. In 2017 NABIC provided $2K to support this project.

Ansar Food Pantry, Worcester

‘Ansaar of Worcester’ was launched in 2017, devoted in large part to help refugees and immigrants who have been re-settled in the Worcester community. And, also extend the efforts to helping local residents who are otherwise undeserved. Ansaar does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, lifestyle, or any other basis, and extends services to anyone struggling with basic necessities. NABIC has been supporting this pantry from inception. So far NABIC provided $15K.

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Food Pantry Memphis, TN

From 2016, NABIC has also been involved with the welfare of North American communities in addressing socio-economic and educational needs. NABIC offers support to the Halal Food Pantry program at Masjid Al-Mu’minun in Memphis. At its current capacity, the program is able to provide food for 80 families of different race and religion. So far NABIC contributed $20 K to this local food pantry.

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