Support the California Camp Fire Victims!

The California Camp Fire has become one of the deadliest in years, wiping out the shelters of nearly 150,000 residents. Authorities believe that more than 1,000 people are unaccounted for. The latest death toll has grown to 84.

Local Islamic centers have stepped up and opened their hearts and mosque to evacuees. NABIC is supporting their efforts and collaborating with local organizations to support the victims.

NABIC has initiated Launchgood fundraising campaign to support the California Camp Fire victims. NABIC is matching your contributions from $1 up to $5,000. Every contribution brings great benefit to someone’s life, and no contribution is too small. Please donate generously and encourage others to support the cause.

Visit the project, choose a giving level, and share:

NABIC Stands Beside Hurricane Florence Victims

Hurricane Florence, remains a powerful natural calamity as the flooding continues to devastate many parts in Carolina area. The relentless rain in the Carolina coast is struggling with the impact of Florence as flooding creates a slow-moving disaster. Certain parts of the state remain inaccessible and land locked.

NABIC with local partner delivered hot cooked food, and other dry goods to a city called Whiteville, Lumberton & Wilmington.

NABIC @ ISNA Convention

ISNA had their 55th annual convention on August 31 to September 3 at Houston, TX. The theme of this year’s convention was “In God We Trust”. The convention started with the Jumma prayer Friday August 31, 2018. NABIC actively participated in this convention. On Friday a booth was opened in the lobby to display NABIC activities and to communicate with the visiting members and supporters. The booth was open till Sunday night. NABIC activity included a reception for the members and supporters on Saturday, September 1, 6:30-7:30 PM in the meeting room of the Hilton Americas Hotel. NABIC immediate past President Dr. Rashed Nizam presided over the meeting. He welcomed the NABIC members and supporters and requested all the participants to introduce themselves. This event was participated by many supporters, members NABIC board of regents & board of directors as well as some new comers who wanted to know about the organization. NABIC projects were introduced to the audience through a beautiful short film documenting NABIC’s main projects and NABIC leadership Dr. Ataul Karim, Chair, Board of Regents, Dr. Abu Bakar Ahmed, Member Board of Regents, Dr. Rashed Nizam Immidiate past president & Fazle Elahi Chowdhury, Executive Director answered questions from the audience. During the reception 3 families became life members of NABIC. NABIC also had a parallel session on “নৈতিক মুল্যবোধের অবক্ষয়” (Declining Moral Values) on Saturday, at 4:30 PM, presented by Dr. Muhammad Ataul Karim, Sr. Sabina Siddiqui & Dr. Abu Baker Ahmed. The session was moderated by Dr. Rashed Nizam.  Sr. Sabina introduced what is moral values, Dr. Ataul Karim presented the current situation in Bangladesh and Dr. Abu Bakar Ahmed introduced the ethics center that NABIC sponsored to address the moral issues in Bangladesh.

West Coast Regional Conference

The NABIC West Coast Conference in Silicon Valley held on Saturday, November 18, 2017, was put together by the hard work and dedication of the NABIC Board of Director, Dr. Arifa C. Rahman. Alhamdulillah, she put together a dedicated group of volunteers including Br. Mohammad Helal, the brother of Dr. Pear Enam. About 250 attended the event at Chandni Restaurant. NABIC President, Dr. Pear Enam,and Members of Board of Regents, Dr. Ataul Karim and Dr. Shakil Ahmed actively participated in the event. The attendees showed great interest in NABIC activities and projects and would like to initiate a food pantry in Silicon Valley in the near future. Local leadership including Dr. Yusuf Haque and philanthropist Ms. Sitara Khan spoke at the event on behalf of NABIC.

Physician from USA visited NABIC Satellite clinic for Rohingya Refugee

NABIC arranged for Dr. Mohammed Naser Nazmul to visit Rohingya camps and Medical clinics set up by NABIC with Network NGO in Ukhia, Cox’s bazar on Saturday Janary 6, 2018.

Dr. Nazmul is Board certified Internist and Nephrologist currently practicing in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Dr. Nazmul evaluated NABIC’s programs, provided consultation to improve patients. End of his visit he commented “It was an eye opener to the current situation of Rohingya community and inshaALLAH, I will continue my support through NABIC. I was impressed by the dedication and hard work of NABIC as a team in this crucial humanitarian crisis.”

Our immediate past President and current Board member Dr. Rashed Nizam who is also the Chair of ISNA’s Development Foundationis planning to visit Rohingya camps and NABIC satellite clinics in Ukhia within next few weeks.

With inputs from Dr. Nazmul and Dr. Nizam in future we plan to provide more cost efficient care to the Rohingyas.


Launching of Center for Ethics Education

NABIC in collaboration with Dhaka Ahsania Mission is going to open “Center for Ethics Education” at the campus of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST). The formal launch of the Center for Ethics Education on January 13, 2018. Advocate Sultana Kamal, a human right activist and former chief advisor to the caretaker government, will attend the program as Chief Guest and Professor Mohammad Ataul Karim, Executive Vice Chancellor, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA & Chair NABIC Board of Regents will be present as Special Guest. Mr. Kazi Rafiqul Alam, President, Dhaka Ahsania mission will preside over the event. Dr. Rashed Nizam, Immediate Past President, will join the event.,

Download Launching of Center for Ethics Education (CEE)