Emergency Relief

Every year through different NGOs NABIC is sponsoring winter relief as well as flood relief efforts to the severe cold weather affected areas and flood relief. In early 2017 NABIC has donated $5000 to provide winter clothes, blankets to the needy people in Gaibandha, Dinajpur, Pabna and some nearby areas in the northern part of Bangladesh. Also after the devastating flood NBAIC provided $10,000 for the flood relief. Since 1997 to date NABIC has provided over $150K to various emergency relief and rehabilitation projects in Bangladesh.

Rohingya Relief Project

NABIC is working with the local partner in Bangladesh to support the Rohingya refugees. At the initial stage, NABIC transferred $360,000 to our local partner in Bangladesh to provide onsite humanitarian aids:

  • Healthcare by establishing 10 Satellite Free Clinic for 3 months which will provide free medicine.
  • Clean water for all by establishing 12 deep tube well.
  • Sanitation and health hygiene by building 100 covered shower places and 200 restroom units
  • 3500 Tents, Floor mats, Mosquito Nets and Lanterns.
  • Winter Clothing for Men, Women, and Children.

Future Plan

  • Healthcare: Continue 6 Satellite Free Clinic and Medicine ($3K/month/ Clinic)
  • Clean Water for All: Establish another 12 Deep Tube Well ($1.7K/Deep Tube Well… 650-700 ft Deep)
  • Education: Provide Education & food to 750 children in 5 Centers ($2K /Center/month- 150 Kids)
  • Disable Support: Counsel, Food & Support for 600 Disables in 4 Centers (1.5K/Center/month)

Please visit : https://www.facebook.com/Network-for-Universal-Services-and-Rural-Advancement-2011223459134401/ for more information.