Community building

Dusto Meyeder Nirapod Ashram o Punarbashion Kendra (DMNAPK)

Located in Masterbari, Gazipur; is a signature project of NABIC. In the past, many of our supporters showed interest in expanding this project. This safe home houses about 45 orphans and destitute girls between the ages of 5 and 18. Some of the girls have been there for the last 6-7 years. The girls are trained to do household works such as cooking, cleaning, and etc. Since 2003, NABIC has been providing financial support to DMNAPK for education, operation and facility expansion. NABIC funded a total of $91K to DMNAPK. This year NABIC’s commitment $30K.

Protecting the vulnerable children & family of Gabura, Satkhira

This project is located in a remote area named Dumuria near Shundarban. The cyclone Sidr left the people of Dumuria devastated. So far, NABIC supported to establish 10 ponds for pure drinking water with a filter system for the local people. In addition, this project is supporting approximately 250 children with 1050 taka monthly giving cash and providing school supplies and doctor visits. In 2016, NABIC initiated a training program for the mothers of these children so in the future, each family can be self-sufficient. NABIC is sponsoring training for the women in Dumuria; vocational skill training that will lead to earning an income and second training will be on child care and nutrition which will enable each woman to take care of the child. NABIC is also supporting free primary school for children. With your generous contribution, in 2016, NABIC provided $55,000 to the Cyclone Sidr rehabilitation project in partnership with BROTEE. This year’s main goal is to continue the support of 150 children and provide training to the eligible family members under the project named, “Protecting the Vulnerable Children of Gabura” and continue pond preservation for drinkable water. So far NABIC provided $254K towards this project. Commitment 2017- $55K.

Poverty Alleviation (micro-credit program following Islamic principle)

NABI supported the comprehensive socio-economic program initiated by the Network for Universal Services of Rural Advancement a registered non-government organization (NGO.) This project works to improve the conditions of rural poor through micro-credit following Islamic principle. Unlike other micro-credit programs here we are providing the earning goods (like Rickshaw, Domestic animals etc.) instead of money to the poor people with an agreement of paying back the nominal price of the good when they start earning. NABIC has been sponsoring projects to improve the conditions of rural poor through Shariah compliant microcredit program since 1996 supporting works in seven upazilas in four zilas, Dhaka, Narayanganj, Manikgonj and Hobigonj. NABIC contributed $400K toward this project.