Anti-Dowry Project

This is one of the women empowerment projects that NABIC has been supporting since 2009. “Joutuk” free marriage campaign, is located at Karmirhath in Gaibandha where over 300 girls from very poor families received trainings. The training program is based on six different categories of skills such as, tailoring, cooking, raising children, basic health issue, nursery (vegetable gardening) and defense against Eve-Teasing. Programs for creating awareness against ‘Dowry & Child-Marriage’ have been very successful in rural areas of Gaibandha. Following six months of training, each of the girls got a foot-driven sewing machine, a certificate and some money to start their own business. Among the 294 girls, 61got married during their training period. These were Dowry-Free marriages. Each trained girl is now an earning member of her family. The trainings have instilled self-confidences in the girls and have prepared them to face challenges. Parents of girls from these very poor families are showing keen interests to train their daughters. With your continuous support, NABIC funds supported 40 girls and contributed $10,000 in 2016. So far NABIC provided $82K for this project, 2017 Commitment $10K .