About Us

Mission Statement:

  1. Promote Islamic awareness and practices among Muslims of Bangladeshi heritage in North America;
  2. Serve the Bangladeshi community in North America in meeting its various needs;
  3. Link people of Bangladeshi heritage in North America with the welfare of the people of Bangladesh; and
  4. Facilitate dialog, understanding, and cooperation among different Islamic groups and between Islamic and other segments of Bangladeshi community in North America.

Vision Statement:

  1. Be a role model in serving humanity with focus on Bangladesh.

Pear Enam, MD; President, NABIC

Dr. Pear M. Enam is a Gastroenterologist, Board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He is the President of the group practice "Gastroenterology Associates" which is serving the Washington county and tristate area since 1992.
Dr. Enam previously served as Chief of Medicine, Washington County Hospital, Chief of Division of Gastroenterology, Meritus Medical Center, Medical Director of Endoscopy Center at Robinwood (ECR) and is currently a member of ECR's Board of Directors.

He along with a few members of local community recently started a charity called "Hagerstwon Community for Humanity" (OurHCH.org) which provides nonperishable food items, personal care items, prepare meals periodically to homeless and financially disadvantaged population of the local community. Physician members of the group make presentation on important health topics in local library and see patients without charge when referred by the local free medical clinic. He is currently CEO of HCH

Dr. Enam had been actively involved in running two free medical clinics in Bangladesh. As recognition to his efforts to help the community, he was presented with Community Service award for 2015 by BDesh Foundation, a Virginia based philanthropic organization. He is also a member of Board of Trustees of Islamic Society of Western Maryland (ISWMD.org).

Musaddeque Ahmed, MD Vice President, NABIC

Dr Musaddeque Ahmed is working as an attending physician , Premier Medical Associate, Florida. Dr.Musaddeque has been NABIC Life Member since 2000. He served NABIC board during 2008-2011. He has been organizing many events in St Louis including 2010 Strategic Planning Meeting and several NABIC regional meetings in St. Louis, MO.

Lutfi Karim, Treasurer, NABIC

Lutfi Karim was born in the southern United States, and raised in Centerville, Ohio, where he graduated from High School. Lutfi completed his Undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from The City College of New York, the engineering campus for The City University of New York (CUNY). Lutfi received his Masters degree in electrical engineering, with focus on communications systems, from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and pursued additional Graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Lutfi relocated to Massachusetts in 2005 to join his engineering firm, in service to the U.S. Government. As a 10+ year veteran in the aerospace sector, Lutfi currently holds the role of Engineering Manager for a section of 20+ senior engineers, and provides Program leadership for a key Government effort. Lutfi is a recipient of the 2010 President's Award.

Lutfi is active in his local community in the Worcester County area of Massachusetts, where he is a constituent of Worcester Islamic Center. Lutfi enjoys working with local youth as well as supporting interfaith and service activities, such as masjid tour facilitation, Boy Scouts, and food drives for under-served populations.

Lutfi currently resides in Grafton, MA, and is married to Dr. Mohsina Alom-Karim, a Pediatrician at Reliant Medical Group and Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester. Lutfi's parents, Mohammad Ataul and Setara Karim, live in Dartmouth, MA. Lutfi has two sisters, Lamya (an Assistant Professor of biomedical engineering) and Aliya (a photojournalist), who reside in Providence, RI, and Washington D.C., respectively.

Rashed Nizam, MD; Immidiate Past President, NABIC

Dr. Nizam is an Ophthalmologist, completed residency training at Brown University and fellowship training at University of Missouri. He was awarded as Physician of the Year (2003), National Leadership Award (2003), Service Award (2002), Missouri Fogerty Fellowship Award, Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, Rhode Island (1996), Momose Afro Asian Scholarship, Institute of Clinical Ophthalmology, Kiryu, Japan (1989), Achievement Award, Sylhet MAG Osmany Medical School Alumni Association of North America (2012). Dr. Nizam serves as NABIC president since 2014 and he also served as NABIC president from 2008-11. He is the chairman of ISNA founders Committee and was member ISNA Majlis Shura until 2015.

Fazle Elahi Chowdhury, Secretary/Executive Director, NABIC

Fazle Chowdhury is currently the Executive director of North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community NABIC. He holds a MS in Biochemistry and received a second MS in health administration from University of Memphis, TN. Fazle is involved in the administrative role in a local Health Center in Memphis, TN. He is also served as General Secretary in Muslims society of Memphis and currently serving in the School Improvement Committee at the Pleasant View School, the only Islamic school in Memphis TN. In addition, Fazle is actively participating in many social activities including refugee settlement committee in Memphis TN.

AKM Mahbubur Rahman; Member, Board of Directors, NABIC

Col (Rtd.) AKM Mahbubur Rahman is retired from Bangladesh Army. Currently he is working as a business owner in Astoria, NY. Mr. Mahbubur Rahman NABIC Life Member since 2002 and an active NABIC Board of Directors 2011-2014. He has been organizing many events in New York including serving in the Annual Conventions Organizing Committee in 2004, 2009, 2014, 2015. Mr. Rahman also served as a member in the Board of Trustees, Astoria Islamic Center, Inc. New York

Mr. Ahsanul Huq (Noman); Member, Board of Directors, NABIC

Mr. Ahsanul Huq is an Industrial Engineer, working as a Management Consultant. He has been employed by GE, Honeywell, Compaq and Technip USA. Mr. Huq has been NABIC Life Member since 2013. He has coordinated NABIC 2007 and 2013 Annual Conventions in Houston, TX. Mr. Huq attended NABIC 2007 Strategic Planning Meeting and worked as Sunday Islamic School Principal in the Dawah/Outreach Coordinator in Masjid Al-Salam.

Sofia Khandekar, MD; Member, Board of Directors, NABIC

Dr. Sofia Khandekar is working as Internal Medicine Private Practice, Memphis, TN.

Dr. Khandekar attended all NABIC Annual Conventions Since 1998 and has been NABIC Life Member since 1998. Dr. Sofia Khandekar is serving NABIC Board of Directors from 2014-2017. She has also attended NABIC 2004, 2007 and 2011 Strategic Planning meetings. Dr. Khandekar has also served in the NABIC 2012 Annual Convention Committee. Dr. Sofia Khandekar has been actively involved and organized many successful events for the interfaith gatherings in Memphis.

Arifa Chowdhury Rahman, MD, Member, Board of Directors, NABIC

Board Certified Psychiatrist experience for more than 20 years, currently Practicing at Kaiser Permanente Medical group, Santa Clara,California. Living in California Bay area for almost 30 years. Have been involved with NABIC as Life member since 2015. Active participation as volunteer for local Muslim Community Center, MCC East Bay.Also involved with local Bay area Bangladeshi community in various volunteer works. Have been involved with various organizations in Dhaka ,Bangladesh, such as Life member of Assistance for Blind Children, ABC, Underprivileged Children's Educational Project UCEP, Safe Home for Girls, etc. Actively volunteering for Safe Home DMNAPK, since a family project. Involved in fund raising for needy girls, encouraging others to participate from Bay area community.

Dr. Abu Bakar Ahmed, Chair,

Abu Bakar Ahmed received his MPH and PhD in Environmental Health from the University of Minnesota. Since 1988, he has been employed as a radiation safety professional with a federally-funded research laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN. His community activities include: Founding president (1991-94), Executive Secretary/Director (1995-2011), and Chair, Board of Regents (2011 – to date) of NABIC; Vice President (1991-93) of the Muslim Community of Knoxville; and secretary (1998-2009) of the Islamic Education Foundation of Knoxville.

Dr. Mohammad Ataul Karim

Dr. Mohammad Karim is an Electrical Engineer, Scientist, Provost and Executive vice chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA. His major research interests focus on electro-optical systems, optical computing, and pattern recognition. Dr. Karim serves on the NABIC Board of Regents and has served in the past on the boards of Virginia Coalition for Community and Justice; the Center for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim understanding in New York; Dayton Islamic School, Inc., in Ohio; Islamic Council of Ohio; Islamic Education Foundation of Knoxville in Tennessee; National Conference of Christians and Jews in Ohio; NABIC Board of Directors and Avicenna Academy in Bronx.

Dr. Sadrul Ula

Dr. Ula is the Managing Director of Winston Chung Global Energy Center, a new research center at the University of California – Riverside, Bourns College of Engineering. He is also a Research Faculty at the College of Engineering – Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT). He was awarded the 1987 Outstanding Branch Counselor Award by the Technical Activities Board and the U.S. Activities Board of IEEE. Sadrul Ula received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Dr. Ula serves NABIC president 2005-08 and currently serves on the NABIC Board of Regents.

Dr. Shakil Ahmed

Dr. Shakil Ahmed is the founder of Princeton Alpha Management LP, an Investment Adviser based in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, which manages quantitative trading strategies for Private Funds. Prior to forming Princeton Alpha, Shakil was the Global Head of Market Making at Citibank N.A. and served on the Executive Committee of the Equities Division. While at Citibank, Dr. Ahmed also served as the Global Head of Quantitative Strategies and sat on the management committee of Citi Alternative Investments. Shakil started his career at Morgan Stanley, where he spent fourteen years in Process Driven Trading (PDT), a group which he ran from early 1999 until he retired from day to day responsibilities in December 2006. Shakil was retained as a Senior Adviser to Morgan Stanley, until joining Citibank in early 2008. Shakil has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University, where his thesis was on parallel processing (1994). He also has M.S. and M.Phil. degrees in the same field from Yale. His undergraduate degree was in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Shakil grew up in Vienna, Austria, where he attended the Vienna International School

A Alim Khamdekar

Dr. A Alim Khandekar was born in British India, grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh( East Pakistan 1950 to 1970). Dr. Khandekar has moved to USA in 1970. He has done his undergraduate from Notre-Dame College, Dhaka and received his medical degree from Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka1970. He pursued his medical training in General Surgery, Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery in USA. Board Certified. Dr. Khandekar has been practicing as a surgeon for 40 years in the field of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in Memphis Tenn. He is also a member of Society of Thoracic Surgery, American College of Surgery. Currently Dr.Khandekar is serving as a president of the Muslim Society of Memphis and involved in Interfaith dialogue, local community and civic services. Dr.Khandekar has served as a NABIC president in past and currently serving as a NABIC board of regents.

Different Functional Committees

Dr. Pear M Enam as NABIC President & Fazle Elahi Chowdhury as Executive Director, NABIC will be considered member of all these committees.

  1. Fund raising committee
    • Chairperson: Dr. Rashed Nizam (chair)
    • Member: Dr. Sofia Khandekar
  2. Event committee/Program Committee
    • Chairperson: Dr. Rashed Nizam (chair)
    • Member: Dr. Pear Enam, Aftab Mannan, Robin Mahmood,
      Dr. Arifa Chowdhury Rahman, Aliya Karim
      2/3 from the local committee
  3. Membership committee
    • Chairperson: Col. Mahbubur Rahman
    • Member: Kamrul Ahsan, Mesbaah Mahmoud
  4. Women's and children's affairs committee
    • Chairperson: Dr. S. Khandekar
    • Member: Dr.Arifa Rahman
  5. Youth committee
    • Chairperson: Lutfi Karim
    • Member: Aliya Karim, Abdullah Al Mamun
  6. US project committee
    • Chairperson: Dr. Musaddeque Ahmed
    • Member: Dr. Mohammad Mojid
  7. Bangladesh project committee
    • Chairperson: Dr. Arifa Rahman
    • Member: Dr. Musaddeque Ahmed
  8. Media, Communication and Bylaws committee.
    • Chairperson: Dr. Pear Enam
    • Member: Kamrul Ahsan, Manzur Mahmud Robin
  9. Audit committee
    • Chairperson: Ahsanul Haq
    • Member: Dr. Pear M Enam
  10. Finance Committee
    • Chairperson: Lutfi Karim
    • Member: Mohammad Saninur Rahman, Dr. Shakil Ahmed
  11. Endowment Fund Committee
    • Chairman: Dr. Muhammad K Zaman/Dr. Rashed Nizam
    • Member: Ziauddin Mahmud, Dr. Shakil Ahmed