Emergency Relief for Rohingya


Rohingya villages are burning again! As estimated by news and media, nearly 5000,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed the Myanmar border into Bangladesh. The UNICEF, the UN children’s agency, said about 80% of those fleeing is women and children. Approximately 1000 people were killed in this genocide.The inflow of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and their persecution has drawn the attention.  As they seek refuge and cross the border, all they have with them are the clothes on their backs and their brutal past of rape, murder and arson. The Rohingya are in desperate need of our help. NABIC has decided to work with the local people to stand with the Rohingya refugees during this difficult time. Please donate generously for Rohingya Emergency Relief and keep them in your Du’aa and prayers

NABIC has already transferred $50,000 as an initial donation to our local partner in Bangladesh to  provide onsite humanitarian aids to the Rohingya Refugees. We still need to send  more and are working towards taking care of other essential needs. Our plan now is to provide:

  • Healthcare by establishing 10 Satellite Free Clinic for 3 months which will provide free medicine
  • Clean water for all by establishing 100 deep tube well
  • Sanitation and health hygiene by building 100 covered shower places and 200 restroom units
  • 3500 Tents, Floor mats, Mosquito  Nets and Lanterns
  • Clothing for Men, Women, and Children
  • Dry Food 



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Rohingya Refugees

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