Udhiya Program

Every year Muslim around the globe celebrates and honors the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim (Alahi Salaam) by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need. In Quran Allah SWT says,

“That they may witness benefits for themselves and mention the name of Allah on known days over what He has provided for them of [sacrificial] animals. So eat of them and feed the miserable and poor.” (Sura Hajj 22:28)

For the past few years NABIC has initiated an Udhiya program in Bangladesh to support those in dire need, and the meat to be distributed to the neediest or those suffering adversity and poverty. Last year we have distributed among the flood victims and orphanage this year we will inshaAlah distribute in Rohingya camp & orphanage center.

Thank you for your support. Alhamdulillah we have received many request to arrange Qurbani in Rohinyga camp. However we apologize that we can not accept any more request.